Winterizing your Hens

Taking care of Hens as a pet sitter, some people use warming lights but this should only be done for babies or adolescence chickens. The hens "roost" on a ledge within the coop, they huddle together to keep warm. Put wood shavings on the floor of the coop about 2...

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About Your Author

My name is Kim Plache' I have owned dogs since my 20s but always loved animals. I always liked to go to my neighbor's houses especially if they had a dog that liked to play catch.. My knowledge comes from years of trial & error, articles that I have read and...

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Is your pet overweight?

Are you enabling your pet to be over weight? If you give you pets treats, you are giving your pets extra weight, it's like giving donuts to your pets every time.. Most of the store bought treats have extra calories. Try giving them alternative treats like carrots...

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