Why? Because we want our pets to live long and be as happy as we are!! The best way to make your pets bowls work properly and well is to look for the best ingredients in their food! The first thing to do is look at the first 3 ingredients to ensure that it is a good nutritious diet! For example, the last thing I fed my dogs was Lucy Pet Formula for Life, Carefully Formulated for Gut Health. First thing it reads on the front is the first 3 ingredients to show you how good it is! Duck, pumpkin, and quinoa formula; grain free. The next ingredients are on the back that will tell you if the food is healthy for your dog’s gut. My lucy formula says the ingredients are duck, duck meal, dried chickpeas, dried peas, pea starch, duck fat, dried pumpkin, quinoa, and dried carrots to name a few. These are very healthy for your pet. Lots of leafy greens are very good for your dog’s gut, like fresh plant-based ingredients because they have the prebiotic fiber that their gut desperately needs to maintain its healthy nature.

To also insure better food, these are other things to look for in your dogs food; High meat protein, Animal fat, Yucca, Prebiotics, Tumeraid, Tumeric, Fenugreek. All these have been proven to improve your dog’s digestion. Check your labels and make sure that meat is the first ingredient that is listed.

Here are ten ways to improve dogs’ digestion: with these tips you can improve the overall health and digestion of your dog.

Raw food-is one way to keep your dog healthy. I’ve only seen this in bigger dogs 30+ lbs., but if done properly can probably be fed to smaller ones too. Looks first so you know how to store this food as it can become contaminated easily.

Probiotics-help your dog’s gut get the healthy microbes it needs to maintain vitamins and fatty acids to improve the gut to run smoothly.

Fermented foods-such as turmeric, glasswort, and fermented Ganghwa mugwart are good to help your dog’s gut stay clean, and to help your dog live longer. This helps with the digestions and is said to have anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidants, and antimicrobial effects.

Prebiotics-adding this to your dog’s diet can highly reduce inflammation and regulate bowel movements. Be careful though as these can cause harmful bacteria to grow if your dog already has these in their system. Like introducing new food slowly, you need to do this with prebiotics as well.

This is something that I have not heard of yet!

Using herbs as dewormer instead of the vets deworming! All because the vets dewormer has harmful ingredients that can severely disrupt your dog’s gut health! The only reason that vets recommend dewormer and not herbs is because it gets rid of the worms very quickly, but not healthy apparently. That’s why they are sluggish a few days afterwards when they get there shots! Oh my, my light bulb just went off!! Makes total sense now, right??

The herbs that are recommended by vets are as follows:

  • Chamomile-is a famous one, and a good one too that a lot of people use!
  • Black walnut-is also another familiar one
  • Wormwood-is kind of known
  • Oregon grape-I’ve never heard of
  • Diatomaceous earth-or which I just looked up is a filter for water to remove unwanted material and also same for food unwanted clumps it removes as well as it filters medicine, paints, plastic, pet litter, and can also be used to clean up spills.

Way 6 to keep your pets gut healthy is a very obvious one, avoid unnecessary vaccines.

But the most obvious way to keep your pets healthy is to NOT FEED THEM HUMAN FOOD!! This is very hard to do but yet needs to be put out there!! Pets that only have dogs food are considered to be the heathier ones then those that are fed human food, as this can severely upset the system as the most common side affects are diarrhea and vomiting.

The eighth reason is the first thing I started out with, so don’t need to put it on here because it says the same thing!!

Grain free is an excellent choice to do as a way to keep your dogs gut healthy. A lot of dog food brands are becoming more and  more grain free because they realize that it does not help the gut having grain in the dogs system. Grain and rice just bog the system up, doesn’t let anything move really if the dog has a lot.

Number 10 is the best reason yet!! Animal behavior and reducing stress is a very good reason to maintain a healthy gut for your dog!! Chewing things up, constant licking, or even aggressive behavior can be caused by bad diet and the best way to resolve these issues is to have a balanced and nutritious meal. Of course, changing your dog’s meal is not always going to be the answer to behavior challenges. But it definitely can help if the dog is feeling unwell.

The first thing you want to do before doing this is talking to your vet to make sure that this is the best option.  Then the vet, with my past experience, will I’ve you a few choices and with you knowing your pet you’ll probably instantly know the best one! This is the start to making your best friend as happy and as healthy as you are! We want our pets to live longer, so them having a healthy bowl and gut is the first thing to do to make this happen!

Have a happy and wonderful April!!

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