Inside and Out Pet Care LLC, is licensed, insured & bonded. Kim has a BSBA in Management and operates her company with an unparallel integrity of loyalty to duty to the customer’s pets and to the customer. Kim is a member the American Kennel Club which follows a strict guideline that the health, welfare and concern of the animal comes before all other considerations. Kim conducts her business as a true loyalty to the pets and to the owners, if there’s a problem the owner is notified, if the owner is unavailable, Kim will attend the medical concerns immediately. Loyalty, Honesty and Caring of the well-being of the pets.

Why I Started My Pet Sitting Business

After 25+ years in the medical field with a BSBA in Management and trying to work my way up in the medical field to management I never was able to reach that goal when the business I was working for was bought out & they down sized so I was laid off. My medical experience has included: medical insurance billing, collections, phlebotomist, PBX Operator, Certified Nursing Assistant (still hold this license), Hospice Care, Private Home Care.

Volunteer & Supporting

  • Rocky Mountain Borzoi Club-offices held Secretary, Vice President, Board Member, Fall Show Chairperson (9 years). In 2018, my club appointed me to the racing coordinator. Here I am in charge of finding & securing venues, hiring judges and asking others to volunteer to fill positions.
  • Support Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue, Denver, CO
  • Rescue strays within my neighborhood and connecst them back to their loving owners.
  • 9 Health Fair as a phlebotomist

Credentials, Certifications and Awards

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