Kim Plache,
Founder of Inside and Out Pet Care LLC, established 2012
Kim is very passionate and has a soft demeanor with animals even the most stand-offish animal migrates to her.  Since 1987, Kim has experience with rescue dogs of all types. She became involved with the American Kennel Club, showing different “preservation dogs” former name purebreds.  She is an AKC Certified judge in Canine Good Citizen and Temperament tests.   She has dogs that received their Champion titles, Therapy dog, Canine Good Citizen, Best of Breed (4-6 month), Hound Group I & II, Junior Courser, Senior Courser, Companion Dog, B-Coursing Ability Test.   I have also owned my own horses and now talk care of ALL Farm pets, along with dogs & cats. 

Overnight pet sitter, dog walker & extreme dog walker & All pets

Howdy! I am Naomi. I worked with Inside and Out Pet Care since July 10, 2019. I have grown up with animals all my life; my family has owned sheep, goats, chickens, mice, cats, rabbits, cockatiels, and dogs. Over the years, I have taken care or helped with friends’ animals which included horses, guinea fowl, turkeys, ducks, geese, and most of the animals I’ve grown up with. I enjoy working with animals—especially chickens and have rehabilitated a few handicapped chickens and hatched several broods of chicks, most with an incubator but the most recent with a broody hen. Working with animals is fun and each have their own characteristics and personalities that have to be learned.

Overnight pet sitter, dog walker & All pets

My name is Bobbie.  I have been working with Kim since she started her pet sitting business.  I grew up with animals of all kinds due to my older sister’s critter collection. I started riding horses when I was 5 years old.  I learned to care for horses, miniature goats, ducks, geese, chickens, mini horses, and later ostriches.  Of course, we cared for orphan dogs and cats.  We started a club when I was 12 years old called the “Save the Dogs Club”.  We worked with the city to access the city dog pound.  We cleaned the cages, cared for, and found new homes for the dogs before they were put to sleep. I have a deep belief that every life has precious value.  I am passionate about caring for animals of all kinds.  They sense my spirit because they all approach and become my friend very quickly. I treat them as my own.  Currently, my own furry family includes 2 Yorkies named Jake and Jessie.  A puppy mill rescue named Rosie, and three adopted cats named Darby, Tia, and Joey.

Administrative assistant & pet sitter

My name is Carlene.  I was born and raised in Fort Collins where I have remained most of my life.  I have 3 children…2 girls and 1 boy.  I have a 10-month-old puppy who is a Lab Terrier mix and a tabby cat.  I also have an Australian Cattle Dog mix currently living with me.  I love animals of all kinds.  I’ve had many different types of pets over the years like a ferret, a snake, and many others.  Working with animals is my passion and that is what brought me to work with Inside and Out Pet Care LLC.

Pet sitter, dog walker

I have been caring for animals most of my life and enjoy seeing the companionship they provide to their families. Growing up my family preferred cats (even exotics- we had a bobcat and a mountain lion) but we did have dogs, a doberman, and a golden retriever. Once I started my own family I knew we would always have pets, as my husband is an animal lover too. Being brought up with cats, they have always been a part of our family. My husband loves dogs & fish so we of course included them too! As our daughter grew up, she also had a love of animals so we continued to extend our family more- a hermit crab, hamster, rabbit, a snake, and more fish. I am passionate about animals and enjoy caring for them. It is an honor to be able to get to know each animal and see their unique personalities!

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