If you’re planning on winterizing your hens, read this article for tips on how to keep them healthy and happy through the cold months.

Winterizing your hens is a process that entails taking the necessary precautions to ensure that your chickens are not harmed by the cold weather.

The first step in winterizing your hens is to provide them with adequate shelter. A simple and inexpensive way of doing this is by constructing a small, enclosed area out of straw bales. This will protect them from the wind and snow, while also providing them with warmth. You can also get creative with this step by building a winterized coop, or adding insulation to their current coop.

A second step in winterizing your hens is providing them with food sources that will not freeze during the cold weather. If you live in an area where there are ponds or lakes nearby, you can use these as water sources for your chickens during winter

Taking care of Hens as a pet sitter, some people use warming lights but this should only be done for babies or adolescence chickens. The hens “roost” on a ledge within the coop, they huddle together to keep warm. Put wood shavings on the floor of the coop about 2 inches thick, as that breaks down along with the bird’s poop, it will keep the birds warm. Use a heater to keep their water liquid, they will drink a lot of water during the winter. Also keep the water clean. Corn feeding in later afternoon will keep the hens warm. Most of all keep the hens in a secure coop with outside access so predators cannot make a snack from your flock.

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