Welcome to Christmas time! That fabulous time of year when it seems like the perfect time to get a new fur baby! Yes, all seems jolly and happily looking for that new precious baby. You find that perfect one to add to your family and everyone is happy !! You can’t wait to show them off to everyone you know. “Look at my new puppy, kitten, horse, bird…etc.” Then the new year comes and goes and it’s been a few months. The cuteness is gone and training is now needed or they have a new bad habit or something like that. You are fed up and don’t know what to do. So you think rehoming them is the best idea.

Well it isn’t. Do you know how much trauma you’re about to inflict on these animals? They have adjusted to your home and your family and have given all their love to you. They know you inside and out plus have gotten the routine down. No matter how old they are, rehoming is wrong unless it is the absolute last resort like with them not getting along with your original animals, or biting you, aggressive behavior, etc. If you’re fed up and not properly educated on your new animal it is not their fault, it’s yours. Do not rehome because you weren’t prepared.

I am broke all the time, but my animals have a warm home, food, and beds they can sleep on. They come first with food and water. I would never give them up unless I became homeless. I’ve done all the training on them by myself, and everyone that meets them says they are amazing and very well trained.

So the moral of this blog is please please please, educate yourself, save up money, and be prepared for your new family member for any and all circumstances that may come along in the future.