My name is Kim Plache’ I have owned dogs since my 20s but always loved animals. I always liked to go to my neighbor’s houses especially if they had a dog that liked to play catch.. My knowledge comes from years of trial & error, articles that I have read and colleagues throughout the years.. My first dog, Brandy, in Arizona, he had behavioral issues, he liked me & people over 50 but every one else he would try to lunge & attack. I went to many city recreation “dog training classes” but the trainers didn’t know how to deal with aggression behavior. It wasn’t until I moved to Colorado where I found people who participated with the American Kennel Club who participated with their dogs obedience events. I learned the owner is the leader of the dog, the dog follows the leader for guidance & proper behavior. There are two problem type dogs: Flight or Fright. Your dog either runs away from bad situations or they are a fighter. Each dog has their own personalities and there are many different ways to train your dog. I believe in helping as many dogs & their owners without costing an arm & a leg to get it done.