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Hiring a Pet Sitter or Dog Walker:  Check List   

You want Peace of Mind when you leave your pets with someone else!

____ 1.  Are they claiming to be a Professional Pet Sitter/Dog Walker? 

Go to The State of Colorado, Secretary of State, verify they are doing business as (DBA).

____ 2.  Is the business Insured & Bonded?   

Any Certificates or continuing education?  The insurance is for the Customer’s protection.  Knowing if something might go haywire; Your Home & your pets will be taken care of.  Bonding means everyone has gone through a background check & are trustworthy. 

____ 3.  How or where did you find your Petsitter?  Online.

Does their website show where they are present Online? 

____ 4.  Has the pet sitter/dog walker streamlined the paperwork to be all online

Policies and procedures are online as you start to sign-up with us and all throughout your journey with us.  Referral & incentives are throughout the website.

____ 5.  Who are those sitters/dog walkers coming to my house?

Does the website have a list of pictures & biographies of who works with the company? Do I get to meet who will be coming into my house? 

____ 6.  What do you provide for my pets? 

We go above & beyond just taking care of your pets, We’ll take out/bring in trash cans, water your plants inside and out, keep your house tidy and think outside the box if something doesn’t look right.  

___ 7.   Does your pet provider have an online scheduler?

Your pets will never be forgotten,  you can schedule your pet’s visits or have the office do it.  The office gets a notice if the walker or sitter is late, we schedule within 2-hour increments, if someone is overdue for the visit the manager will come out & complete the visit.   Your address & codes are protected & your information will NEVER be sold!  Keys have your pet’s name on it or we have a lockbox hidden on your property.

___ 8.   How do I know for sure you are with my pets? 

The scheduler has a GPS tracker on the sitter’s phone, you can go into our app & few where your pet sitter is or where they have been.  Photos of your pets will be taken along with a report card on their activity for that visit. 


Inside and Out Pet Care LLC is here for ALL your pet’s needs.  We cater to you!