Spring is here, Covid-19 vaccinations are increasing and cases are decreasing.  Time to get back to what life was like before the pandemic lock down, which means you might need a Dog walker expert.

We are more than ready to get out of our houses; back to the office, or go on vacations and weekend getaways. Over the last year our pets have grown accustomed to having us around the house most of the time. They have had access to us almost 24×7 for over a year. How do we help them get them accustomed to a new reality, one where they will spend long periods alone?

First Things First – Reset Expectations

Help Fido and Fluffy adjust to your absence before you begin leaving them alone all day long. Dogs and cats become accustomed to routines; they feel secure in knowing what to expect and when to expect it. Insecure pets do not make the best family members. Their confidence will be important in keeping your household and family peaceful. Here are some tips from a pet sitter to help them adjust:

  • Leave Fido for a few hours; give him a treat as you walk out the door.
  • The treat will make your leaving a little less painful for him.
  • Continue to do this for a little while every day as you start moving his feeding time to the times he will be fed when you go back to the office.
  • He needs to understand that when you leave you are always coming back.
  • Repeat practicing the new routine for at least a week prior to leaving him alone all day.
  • Give him safe chew bones or toys to chew on when he is alone.

Consider a Visit From a Pet Sitter or Dog Walker Expert Each Day

Leaving Fido and Fluffy alone every day for the time it takes you to complete your work shift and your commute is a long day. To keep your pet healthy he should be able to go outside and relieve himself at least every 4-6 hours. Human interaction from a pet sitter or dog walking service expert will also calm his anxiety about feeling alone.

  • Check out Inside and Out Pet Care LLC to see the variety of services we offer.
  • We provide Fido a chance to relieve himself, get out for a nice walk, companionship and more.
  • No need for you to rush home on your lunch hour to let him out. You can relax and have the peace of mind knowing he is happy and safe.
  • Your Pet Sitter/Dog walker will tailor the routine to your needs; how often, what time, and duration for visits. Duration can be 15 minutes (quick check), 30 minutes to one hour visits. It can be walks, playtime, or let outs in the yard.

dog walker

A Dog Walker Expert Can Help When You Want to Get Away

Are you ready for that much needed get-away? Inside and Out Pet Care LLC can take care of Fido and Fluffy in their own home, allowing you to enjoy a pleasant and worry-free trip knowing your beloved pet is being cared for by professionals.

  • They love animals and treat them like they are family.
  • They visit your pets as often as you desire. Medication, feeding, walk or a let out in the backyard are services. They also clean litter boxes.
  • They can stay at your home overnight, or for total 24-hour care.
  • In addition, they can water your plants, gather mail and papers, take out garbage, alternate the lights in your home, and open and close blinds.
  • The safety and security of being at home is a much healthier arrangement for Fido and Fluffy.
  • Boarding kennels are scary places for a pet, no matter how nice the facility. Pets are not only missing their owners, but are surrounded by strange stressed out barking dogs, and strange smells. You don’t get to pick the person who will provide your pet’s personal care out of the staff so there is also no consistency.
  • Home is the way to go. I have tried boarding my pets in the past and could see that it was not a good experience for them. I felt guilty; however, once I learned about home care, I have never looked back.

AND… a Pet Sitter Can Also Care for Hobby Farms, Horses, Birds, Bunnies & More!

Browse Inside and Out Pet Care’s website for lots more information about our pet sitters, services provided, and pricing, or give us a call at (970) 297-8689.