In my younger years we didn’t have much of a choice if we needed pet care services or doggy daycare Experts.  We had two choices; find a neighbor, friend, or family member. OR, find a Dog Kennel to take Rover and Fido to.  Today there are many services to choose from.  This is good overall but can add a little more work to finding the right fit for your pet.  I have learned that hiring a professional in-home pet sitting service is the best choice for me.  I feel guilty now about what my pets must have gone through in kennels or in the hands of well-meaning neighbors, friends, or family.

Traditional Dog Kennels

I will never forget the look on our Basset puppy’s face when we walked away from her run at a dog kennel as we departed for our backpacking trip.  She was all ears and feet at that time, and I was surprised how she could hold her ears up in the air with that look of alarm on her face.  We never used the traditional dog kennel again after that when we needed doggy daycare.  We started using a friend or a more upscale pet sitting service when we had a trip planned.

Expensive Dog “Spas”

However, we learned this was not exactly what we wanted either.  The upscale, expensive dog “spas” still kept them in small areas all day long, and only exercised them with other dogs.  They came home with kennel cough or worms.  In addition, they would always need a bath when we got home to get that stinky dog kennel smell off of them.

Asking a Friend or Neighbor

When we tried to find a friend to help we always felt guilty asking, even though we were paying them.  Since friends or neighbors felt obligated to assist us they didn’t do the best job of taking care of our fur babies once we were gone.  Plus, the stains left in the house from spilling their food or drinks were reminders that they were only assisting us since they knew us.  They felt like they didn’t need manners in our home while we were away.  The pets were not let out enough and had accidents in the house as well.

In-home Doggy Daycare Experts

I didn’t look into professional pet sitting services until my friend, Kim, started her business called Inside and Out Pet Care. Since then I have noticed a big shift in pet care towards this method of pet sitting.  She grew her business over an eight-year period from the single pet sitter (herself) to having four other contracted pet sitters work with her.

Kim now has an online scheduling system that she shares with her clients.  In this secured system she keeps track of the many details needed when working for your pets and for you.  The system holds everything from the code to your house or garage door lock to how Fluffy likes her to have her hair brushed. She holds all of her sitters accountable to the rules and promises she sets forward in her business.  They all have a thorough background check and interview before working with her.  She always introduces the sitter to the client and pets in advance. The scheduling system tracks the sitter via GPS so you can see where they took Rover to walk today.  It shows the time the sitter arrived to the time the sitter left.  Every detail you request for your pet is in the system for the sitter to reference.   When the sitter is done, they make notes of the visit and share them with you so you know exactly what happened and when.  I find these details very comforting when I have to leave my pets now.  There is no more looking at the view app that monitors my fur babies from the “upscale” dog kennels, or worrying whether my friend got to the house early enough to let Fido out to potty.  Everything is recorded, and you can make comments or answer questions at any time of day.

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Need Doggy Daycare Experts

I always know that if Fido gets messy and needs to be cleaned a little, that they will take care of it, and him.  They never tamper with my house and only access the areas they need to for my pet’s care. They will open and close my window coverings and water my plants.  They bring in the mail, packages and the paper so that it is not obvious I am not home.  They even take out the trash canisters and bring them back in to the garage. I have become spoiled and so have my pets by using this home pet sitting service for all my doggy daycare needs. I would certainly recommend it for you.

If you need pet care services, Inside and Out Pet Care is here to help! You can talk to a professional dog sitter today by calling (970) 409-1681, or click here to send an email.