We love pets and they love us. We love to play with them and we enjoy their company. We give them the best care we can and we keep them healthy and happy so they can live a long, happy life

How do we know pets feel love for us?

Anyone who has ever looked in a pet’s eyes knows they can both feel and show love.  People who say differently just don’t really understand animals.  Personally, I feel sorry for people who have not experienced the love and privilege of owning a pet.  The pet can be any living furry, feathered, or scaled friend we have in our lives.

Many of us have read stories of love and commitment from animals.  In some stories, the pet’s “human” gets sick or dies.  The pet clearly grieves the loss to the extent of sitting outside of the hospital for days, refusing to leave the last place he saw his beloved owner.  At the owner’s death, I have heard many stories of the grief-stricken pet showing up at the funeral or sitting loyally by the casket.  One story I read talked about a rancher that had a tight bond with his Lab.  When he passed suddenly of a heart attack the dog was beside himself with grief and confusion.  The day of the funeral arrived and the family locked the Lab up so they could all go to town for the services.  Later after it was over they realized this man’s loyal pup was missing. They looked near and far, knowing how devastated the man would be knowing they lost his best friend.  A few days later they got a call from the town cemetery groundskeeper.  It was a small community and he had heard of the missing dog.  “I think I have your dog here.” He said It had been laying on a grave now for a few days.  It was the grave of its beloved owner.

Those of us who have felt the love and devotion of a pet know these stories are true.  The depth of a pet’s devotion goes so deep and the feeling is mutual for us who love them back.   The look in their eyes says it all, we enjoy the kiss on the cheek, the nose under our hand, and a chin resting on our lap.  What would we do without the love we exchange with our pets every day?


We love pets

Animals love each other

I recently watched a video of a Pit-bull saving his little terrier sister from drowning.  The footage was from a home surveillance camera pointed at their back yard pool area.  They had gone into town and came home to find the smaller dog was wet.  When they reviewed the footage of what happed while they were gone they were shocked to see the small dog fall into the swimming pool.  It doggie paddled around and around but could not climb out.  Right away her loyal big brother, the Pit-bull, was following her around the pool edge touching noses.  He then did an amazing thing!  He tried to grab the little one by the scruff of the neck to pull her out.  After several attempts at this and watching the little dog struggle some more, the larger dog was able to pull the little one to safety.  It was so scary and wonderful to watch this show of love and devotion play out.  Animals create loving bonds with each other and have demonstrated over and over again what they will do in the name of love for their fellow pet.

Have you ever watched a mother with her babies?  In any species it is clear what motherly love should look like.  The patience, devotion, protection, and just pure love they show to their little ones is inspiring for all of us.  I love to see wild animal shows on TV when they focus on mothers with their little ones.  Every creature from the smallest of mice to the majestic elephant show how deep a mother loves and how they protect their innocent little ones.

Celebrate your love for your pets 

Celebrate your love for your pets 

Take the time in this month of “Love and Valentines” to remember how much your pet loves you.  Celebrate how much you love them and how fortunate you are to have them in your lives.  I am taking the time to appreciate my pets in a special way this month.  I love them more than anything and am so thankful they are in my life.  Since my husband passed in 2020, they are the only family I have left and it is so wonderful to come home from work to their happy little faces.  They snuggle with me in my big bed so I don’t feel so alone.  They never judge me and love me no matter what I look like or what I do.  I am a lucky woman to have them in my life.  I am sure you feel the same about your fur-babies and their unconditional love.  Let’s rejoice in the love of pets!

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