Do you need an experienced pet sitter? Last year taught us one thing, we Love pets! Adoptions last year were up 30-40 percent over the previous year. We were at home, either furloughed or working remotely. What better time to share our lives and our love with a pet that needed a home?

Getting Back to Normal

Now what will happen with our new housemates as we are entering another phase of the Covid-19 Pandemic? Businesses are trying to reopen in one way or another. People are getting their vaccines and looking forward to returning to a life closer to what we remember as “normal”. SO what DOES happen to our beloved pets that we adopted while we were shut up at home? How do we give them a safe and healthy life without being with them 24×7?

Hiring an Experienced Pet Sitter

There are many resources available to you. Home pet care companies are a perfect choice because they are professionals, offer the care you need, and, most importantly, allow your pet to remain at home. This is a great option when it comes to hiring a pet sitter.

Other Pet Sitter Options

Taking your pet to a kennel, another choice, is usually more expensive, less flexible, and causes your pet MUCH more stress and anxiety. However, it is an option.

Of course there is always the challenge of finding a neighbor kid who you can trust alone in your home. More importantly, a pet sitter you trust to know exactly how to care for your beloved pet. Inexperienced pet care can be risky. It just depends on how comfortable and dependable your neighbor kid is with pets. You must choose wisely, especially if you’re going to be away for a much-needed vacation. There are many tragic stories to be told that resulted in traumatized, injured, lost pets, or worse.

Let’s Talk

Think about looking into professional in-home pet sitters. Find ones like Inside and Out Pet Care that are bonded and insured. They have staff that love all pets and care for them daily with years of experience.

As for my fur babies, I would worry all day long about them unless I knew someone was in charge of them who had the experience and instinct to keep them safe and happy when I could not be there. In addition, keeping them safe in their own home makes all the difference for their sense of security. I don’t want to cause them insecurities that could carry over into their everyday lives. Secure pets are the best pets.

If you have questions, you can contact Inside and Out Pet Care LLC by calling (970) 499-1683, or send an email here.