Do you need Best Doggy Day Care? When I Googled the term, I found several different versions of Pet Sitting. Find the best doggy daycare experts for your pup in Loveland, Colorado

  • Some are run out of an individual home. Many are people that work at home post-covid and do it for extra money.  They will take in 1-4 dogs or so on an average and have fenced in yards or live on an acreage with fence.

Pros to this type of best doggy daycare are:

  • The same person caring for your dog on a daily basis.
  • Your dog has less stress because the environment is home-like and he bonds with the sitter.
  • You feel less stress because of the familiarity you develop with this person who watches your dog on a daily basis.
  • With only your dog or a handful of dogs in the day care home, you should be assured that your pet will get fed and medicated properly.  He should also receive attention.
  • Could be less expensive than other types of dog day care.

Cons to this type of doggy daycare are:

  • If there are several dogs in the home/yard then your dog will be exposed to possible dog aggression from his house mates.  You don’t know if he will get along with the others.
  • Your dog could find a way out of the fenced area – watch out for those jumpers or climbers.
  • You don’t really know if the dog is put outside all day either alone or with other dogs.
  • The sizes of dogs your sitter takes in are very important.  I would not trust my 5-pound dogs some places.
  • Dogs could experience stress or fear being with strange dogs, even if there is a fence between them.
  • Being around other dogs with bad habits could rub off on yours.  They learn how to be naughty faster than how to be good it seems.
  • The sitter may not have knowledge of canine first aid or medical issues.
  • Your dog could be exposed to contagious health issues such as kennel cough, worms, fleas or ear mites.  The sitter may require the dogs all have their usual vaccinations, however health issues like the above can be easily carried and spread to others.  Now you can add vet bills to the cost of dog day care.

Best Foggy Day Care Large Facility

  • Large scale Dog Day Care facilities (also called kennels) are the most common.  We have several in the Larimer County area now.  Although they have come a long way over the years by providing more pampering than dog kennels used to, they still have some of the same problems.

Pros for taking your dog to a large dog facility:

  • Prices / Cost
  • Opportunity to socialize with other dogs and people.
  • Their own room or kennel
  • Can be boarded as dog families in the same kennel or room.
  • Usually exercised outside in groups with the same dogs each time.
  • Can sometimes bring in their own blankets or bed.
  • Many have Dog-Cams that you can sign up for to view your dogs from your cell phone while they are there.
  • Some facilities offer grooming, washing and toe-nail clipping while they are there for an extra charge.

Cons for taking your dog to a large dog facility:

  • There will be a lot of barking/crying dogs in their kennels or rooms side by side.  This will cause stress and anxiety in your dog.
  • Many places don’t have the staff to give all the dogs the care they need.  Kennels get dirty, pee, feces, and spilled water are not noticed right away.
  • There is a possibility for dog fights / power struggles.
  • Your dog can learn bad habits by being exposed to ill behaving dogs.
  • Many dogs come home with kennel cough, worms, fleas, etc.  Although they require proof of vaccinations, other illnesses can be passed around.
  • Many feed the food they have to all dogs, which could throw off your pup’s digestive system.

best doggy daycare

So how do you make the decision about the right place for your pup?

  • When deciding what type of Day Care to choose for your dog look at the ratings, especially comments from customers closely.
  • Ask your friends/neighbors what advice they have.
  • If the place is the cheapest in town, the level of care may also be the worst in town.
  • Ask them if they are trained in canine first aide and medical issues.  They also should ask you for your dog’s vet information in the case of emergency.
  • If you care enough to be reading this article then I know you feel the same way about your devoted canine friend as I do mine.

Personally, I have used Dog Day Care for vacations to board my dogs in the past.  It was the nicest, most expensive one where we lived.  I was surprised how loud it was inside, and right across the hall from my three 5-pound Yorkies was a huge German Shepherd barking and barking right at them. They were in a room with a glass window in the door but that didn’t block the sound or sight.  They never looked at ease there when I viewed them with the Dog-Cam app from my phone.

Let’s Talk And Call Out Best Doggy Daycare

Later, for trips I always found someone to stay with them at my home and it was such a relief.  If you don’t know anyone that can do this for you, please try an in-home dog care service like Inside and Out Pet Care LLC.  Your dog stays in his own home with the same sitter every day.  You can have us spend the night or make as many visits a day as you like.  This is completely up to you. We provide doggy daycare while you’re at work or away. call 970-412-0993. You’ll be glad you did.